Friday, September 10, 2010

Hello, Hong Kong :)

heyyyy, dui ng ju!! sorry to keep you guys waiting !!For those who are observant, you must have realised the change I had made to my blog title :)

I have been travelling around Hong Kong for the past 2 weeks during my freetime :P so there is not much time left for me to write about my experience here.

Please view all my wonderful pics in Hong Kong on my facebook albums :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2010 part 3

I woke up at 10:30am the next day after the concert and I was shocked to find out that I was about to be late for Wonder Girls meet and greet session!!!argghh, so I quickly got myself dressed up (with my wet running shoes..zzz ) and flied to Sunway Resort hotel in less than half an hour :P

My friend Pang Soon Seng arrived slightly later and we were led to a special meeting room to wait..
We were surprised to find out that many of the fans there were prepared with plenty of gifts for the girls :P
and even better, MTV Korean crew was there to shoot us cheering for Wonder Girls, some enthusiastic fans even offered to perform in front of the camera :) not bad not bad! Hopefully my face wouldn't look so bad when the clip is shown in "MTV Wonder Girls" :P

We went in to meet them in a group of six. and I was super nervous to get into such a close distance with them, just like when meeting KP :P Luckily, they are really friendly and cute! I greeted and asked for their signature one by one ...Lim even offered to write my name "To Atlee <3" on top of the album..kakakax..爽到!
after that, all of us took a group photograph together and I managed to shake hands with Yenny before leaving!

Standing between the cutest Sohee and Yenny :P
I am really thankful to the organiser MTV Asia for giving me a chance to meet these wonderful people :P Hope that I can participate in this event again next year!
That's the end of my MTV World Stage experience :P feel free to ask me any questions!

P/S : MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2010 premieres Aug 21, 9pm in MTV Asia via Astro@channel 713!

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2010 part 2

I was thinking of skipping the nitty-gritty of the meet n greet session with Katy Perry xD
It was kinda rushed on that day because I couldn't seem to find any music store in Sungai Wang & Times Square that sell her CD I had to run up and down to search for it :(
I got to Hilton KL eventually with my friends.. all the lucky winners waited for around 2 hours until our turn to meet her!
It went quite well, and lighting FAST! I just got to introduce me and my younger brother to her while telling her that we are Always Young xD oh ya, she asked about our age too.

my friend commented that my "V" looks girlish ..ish..
I am really lazy to type about the concert itself now T_T
why dont you guys read about it through this website : MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2010 Show Recap!

If you guys are smart enough to notice, there are two big gaps within the time line in which we were left standing in the drizzle with nearly emptied stomach and ultimate thirstiness.. LOL..
but still I love this concert so much because it had so much to offer in terms of the amazing artist performance as well as the great visual and sound effects put up on stage. This is seriously the best concert I had ever attended!

Here is a video I made on Wonder Girls' performance in this concert, available in High Definition!

Last but not least, Meet n Greet with Wonder Girls!! onto NEXT PART! xD
If you guys want to see my photos taken in the concert, please visit my facebook album HERE.

Friday, August 6, 2010

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2010 part 1

It all started with an online contest to win passes for this concert through this website, In this contest, participants are required to spot Junior and the Bee on the top and bottom of the site to win! After knowing the lineup of this concert, my friend Jeanne and I began to play this stupid game days and nights in order to secure our passes..It was not a pleasant experience to keep refreshing different pages of the site and hoping that somehow miracle can happen.. yeah, after trying for countless times in weeks, my luck finally came, just for once. I wasn't particularly happy with my achievement then as Jeanne had already spotted the Junior for three freaking times >.<

okie, so I got my normal passes. now what? I thought that it will be great if we can get express lane passes that allows us to skip the normal queue. Seriously, at that time, I didn't even think that this wishful thinking of mine can become a reality. However, I decided to work harder and gave my best this time for the 2nd online contest, MTV WORLD STAGE LIVE IN MALAYSIA 2010 MEET 'N' GREET CONTEST. Participants who can answer all 10 random multiple choice questions (MCQ) correctly within the fastest time possible will win a prize, comprising of a pair of MeetnGreet passes with the artiste of the entrant’s choice, and a pair of express passes to the Event!!! I became deeply addicted in this game as I realised that a faster internet connection and my superb mouse clicking skill were giving me much more advantage than other people. I played for literally hours a day until I knew that it's impossible for me to break my record anymore. I stuck at 12s, a rather satisfactory result :P

MTV Asia called me one day after the closing date of this contest : congratulations you have won yourself a chance to meet up with Katy Perry as well as a pair of express passes to the MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2010. It was unbelievable that I was going to meet her in such a short time! the story continues...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A real freaky night

Sometimes, things happen, and freak accident may happen to you too!

It was a peaceful night in my hometown and my big buddie Lew Voon Loong's birthday was just around the corner. So my "yumcha" gang decided to do something special : eating satay on a broken bridge beside Temerloh river. I know it sounds downright stupid but that place is like a hotspot for "young" people to hang out.

We went to that place after packing some delicious Kajang satay. I parked my car quite far away from the bridge and we walked there. Then, we found out that its better to put the satay on the bonnet instead of putting it on the dirty floor. so, I drove the car further out onto the bridge.

Things were all good when we were eating while chatting happily with each other. However, bad luck started to come when we wanted to leave the place. When I was turning to the left, one of my car front tyres suddenly got trapped in a drain. All my friends who were in the car went outside to see what had just happened. The exciting part came when I gave it a try to just turn the steering and reverse to get my tyre out. I did what I was supposed to do but I overdid it : the oil pedal was pressed all the way in.

It was all too late when I realised that my car was reversing to the back uncontrollably. I had a shock of my life when I saw the car was speeding backwards to the edge of the bridge. I thought that I was going to die at that very moment but I didn't because the steering was already turned. the car curved to the centre of the bridge and missed the edge. Luckily, my brain came back into function all in a sudden and I immediately stepped on the brake using my left feet. The car stopped and a piece of skin came off from underneath my right feet as it fell out of the car and it was left scratching on the floor all the while (my door wasn't closed).

I nearly lost my mum's car and my precious life. It was the most unforgettable birthday celebration I have ever had in these 20 years.

P/S: BTW, Happy Birthday Loong Di! Hope that you can lead a happy life in UK!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Summer Break

2 months have passed, and I realised that a lot of stuff had happened.

My parents were surprised when I decided to take up Japanese beginner course. to be very frank, I didn't know that I can be that determined when it comes to "certain things". So I went to ICLS Subang to join their daytime intensive course. It wasn't all easy for me when I had to stay outside with my brother without private transportion in KL. I really hate walking under the hot sun while my body is sweating like nobody business BUT its a good exercise to test my patience, nonetheless :) In fact, I have many hometown friends to hang up with when I was in Subang :).

After around 3 weeks, I started my journey to the most expensive city in the world : tokyo :) I was treated very nicely by my big brother 大哥 in the whole trip. I really felt sorry for him in the first few days when I had to deal with my relationship problem in this unfamiliar city. Anyway, I didn't give up on my ambitious plan to travel to all the great tourist spots in Tokyo, even if it means I had to travel by my own, alone with my poor grasp of Japanese language :) Besides, during his free time, My brother also brought me to many interesting places around Tokyo namely the Disneyland, Yokohama, Kamakura as well as Izu ! Thanks to my brother, I had the chance to try a lot of exotic Japanese food too!!!

In the blink of an eye, I flew back to my lovely hometown : Temerloh :) and this time, I was going to live like a real 少爷 young master at home where I don't need to do anything except for eating, surfing internet as well as meeting my fellow hometown buddies. hahahaa, it was quite an enjoyable experience as I found myself with two new past times : World Cup 2010 as well as TVB Hong Kong drama broadcast live by Astro on Demand!

Anyway, I should really get going, need to keep myself fit after consuming so much fats in all the yumcha sessions ..tata!またね!

p/s : for those who are interesting to view photos from my tokyo trip, just go to my facebook photo albums :)


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